Monthly Grocery package


Its monthly groceries package. Here is 1. harpic toilet cleaner (1000ml) 2. Bashundara kitchen towel (1pc) 3. Teer mustard oil (500ml) 4. Rupchanda oil (5 liter) 5. Chashi Aromatic Chinigura Rice (5kg) 6. Nazirshail Rice (50kg) 7. Rin powder (500gm) 2 packed 8. Vim liquid (500ml) 9. ACI pure salt (1kg) 10. Mashoor dal (1 kg) 11. Mug dal (500gm) 12. Teer sugar (1kg) 13. Lux soap (3pcs) 14. Radhuni garam masala (15gm) 15. Radhuni chicli powder (500gm) 16. Radhuni Turmeric Powder (Holud) (500gm) 17. Teer atta (2kg) 18. Booter dal (500gm) 19. Bashundara toilet tissue (2pcs) 20. Wheel Washing Powder Laundry Bar (130 gm) 21. Cloves (Lobongo) (100gm) 22. Cinnamon (Daruchini) (100 gm) 23. Cardamom (Elachi) (100gm) 24. Bay Leaves (Tejpata) (100gm) 25. Garlic (1kg) 26. Ginger (half kg) 27. Potato (3 kg) 28. Onion (5kg)


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