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1. Q: Is Same day food delivery accepted?

A: Yes,same day food delivery is accepted inside Dhaka city. Outside of Dhaka city, sometimes it is accepted or sometimes not. It depends on availability of food in their local restaurant & if the delivery place is very remote area.In that case we deliver in the next day.

2. Q: What is the delivery fee?

A: Free delivery inside Dhaka city.Delivery fee is applicable for outside Dhaka city.

3. Q: Are you officially partnered with any delivery apps in Bangladesh?

A: No. We are in no way associated with any delivery app or partner in Bangladesh. We have our own delivery team.

4. Q: What Bangladeshi cities and towns are covered with your service?

A: We deliver all over Bangladesh.

5. Q: What countries do you support ordering from?

A: We currently support ordering from anywhere in the world.

6. Q: How long does it take for food to be delivered?

A: After getting order, we need 4 to 5 hours to delivery.

7. Q: What if food is delayed to delivery to recipient?

A: If for some reason food delivery is delayed, in that case we call to recipient & let them know actual reason & take some time from them.

8. Q: Can I place a pre-order/scheduled order?

A: Yes,you can place pre-order/ scheduled order. We deliver food on time.



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Very satisfying, delightful experience
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Iffat Ali, Australia

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