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5 Amazing Gifts for Your Lover on Engagement

5 Amazing Gifts for Your Lover on Engagement
12 October 2020

Engagement is a very special day in a person’s life. It is an occasion that creates memories for a lifetime. After all, two souls are finally going to get hitched for life. You have a pleasant opportunity to make this special day even more special for your lover by giving them an amazingly unique and precious gift — one which they would endearingly cherish for the years to come. 

A gift is a great way to make the day even more special and memorable. It is the best way to surprise your lover by giving them some of their favorite items as gifts. It is the best way to give a positive start to this wonderful relationship. 

Now that you have made up your mind to give a special gift to your lover, you must be wondering what kind of gift would make them feel special. Here is the list of the five most marvelous gifts that you can give to your loved ones on engagement.

Exquisite leather wallets

Though most men expect this, an elegant and simplistic leather wallet is perhaps a perfect gift for a man on his special day. You can pick any from the choicest collection of the most ornate leather wallets from around the world. You could also add that extra X-factor while shopping at an online gift shop in Bangladesh and personalize the gift by engraving your fiancé’s name on the leather wallet. Leather wallets will never go out of fashion, and therefore, they are an ideal go-to product while gifting men on special occasions.


A wristwatch is another excellent option to gift your lover on the big day. A wristwatch brings in a more elegant and classy appeal to gifts. A wristwatch is a timeless gift that you can give a man on special occasions, such as engagements and weddings. If you plan on a high-end wristwatch, then you can look for top-of-the-range brands, such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Swiss among others. If you are planning to gift a gorgeous watch in the medium budget range, then you can opt for brands like Sonata, Titan, and Fastrack. There is a range of choices available at the online gift shop in Bangladesh.

Exquisite flowers

When you want to sway a lady off her feet, give her flowers. And when the lady is the love of your life, the flowers have to be exclusive and exquisite to make her feel special on that momentous day. While the red rose is a timeless gift for women, which never goes out of fashion, you can make the gift extraordinary by selecting exquisite flowers, such as Anthuriums, Calla Lily, Gardenia, Orchids, etc. 

You could also opt for exquisite varieties of lilies, sunflowers, and roses to make her day even more special. You can get the choicest of options at an online flower shop in Bangladesh.


Cologne or perfume is another incredible option to gift your loved one during the engagement. This wonderful unisex gift commands sophistication, elegance, and royalty. Branded perfumes and colognes are indeed luscious in their aroma, and can help create the perfect mood and tone for the grand engagement. Also, a good fragrance freshens up the feeling and enlivens the wearer. Scents can help make the moment memorable, as people tend to remember a smell of perfume and often associate it with a memory. So, long after the moment has passed and you are viewing the pictures trying to relive the moment, the fragrance will help you recollect and cherish it once again.

A dress or a suit

Do you want your fiancé to look splendid on that special day? Then, gift them with a glorious dress or a stunning suit for the engagement. A bright red dress is the best gift that you can give to your lady, and a bespoke suit is what you could give your man. If there is no such preference for colors among the two, then red for the woman and blue for the man should be a perfect choice. However, if the woman has a preference for colors, then opt for her favorite color, but make sure that you choose the brighter variant of the color and not the dull or dark variant. 

For men, any color is subtle as long as it is blue. Darker shades look stunning on men. You have a variety of major clothing brands to choose from while selecting the best suits for your lover. So, check out the options and choose the best fitting. After all, you want him to look his best during the engagement.

These are some of the amazingly unusual gifts that you can give your lover for the engagement. These gifts will make your present unique, exclusive, and endearing for your lover. You can choose from the best options available at the online shop, or you can customize the gift the way you feel. You can also plan to club two gifts together to make the surprise even more special and endearing. Check all the options available and accordingly make the right choice, for it is going to be the most extraordinary gift for your lover, after all.

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