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5 Secrets Tips For Extending the Life of Flowers.

5 Secrets Tips For Extending the Life of Flowers.
6 June 2019

Nothing can uplift your mood as much as a beautiful flower can do. It refreshes your mood. The smell of flowers makes an instant move and does some kind of magic over the mind. It gives so much relief to the eyes to stop and stare at a beautiful pink or red or yellow flower. It is the gift of nature which human should always protect and cherish. Nothing can be as beautiful as a flower.

Flowers are available in abundance and if you want beautiful flowers you can either go for an online flower shop or you can also opt for an online gift shop.

Do you also hate seeing your flowers getting dried? If you also feel bad and want your flowers to have a little more life, then here are some secrets to it:

  • You can check whether a rose is good or not. If the rose is fleshy and soft then it’s old, avoid buying it and if it’s solid and resistant then it’s fresh, go for it. Whenever you go for buying roses, clutch the rose softly at the point where petals meet the top of the stem.

  • To assist your flowers, receive a fast and constant supply of nutrients and water clip it a bit from the stems every day. But make sure you use a sharp knife to get it clipped, using scissors can affect the stems of the flowers.

  • You need not to always keep your flowers in the packed fridge to protect them, you just need to move them to a cooler place every night. And try to keep them away from the hot spots in the house.

  • Always utilize a clean vase which is washed in hot water with soap and is rinsed well. It helps to remove microorganisms.

  • To keep them fresh and intact, wrap the bottom of their stems in moist paper towels, this will provide the moisture and keep them fresh and alive because moisture is very important to keep the flowers alive.

You can keep your flowers fresh for a long time if you follow these simple little steps. A precious and beautiful gift of nature needs care and love. So, make sure to shower your entire love and care upon them.

If you are living abroad but want to send some amazing flowers to your loved ones in Bangladesh, you would be glad to know that there are now several online flower shops that allow you to select the freshest flowers and deliver them to any address in the country as per time and place specified by you. If you want to send a gift along with then go for an online gift shop.


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