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A Helpful Guide on Flowers That Should Not Be Gifted to Anyone

A Helpful Guide on Flowers That Should Not Be Gifted to Anyone
14 February 2019

Flowers are the best gifts for any occasion. They are the most beautiful and safest option. Flowers make us feel delighted and happy. They remind us of nature’s beauty and serenity. You can choose various flowers to gift to your near and dear ones. You can use online flower delivery services to send flowers to your relatives and friends in Bangladesh and Dhaka. But there are a few flowers which you should always avoid gifting to anyone.

  1. Aconite (Monkshood)
  2. Buttercups: Buttercups symbolize childishness. So, you should never gift buttercups to your loved ones.
  3. Butterfly weed: Butterfly weed mean ‘Leave me’. You should never send them to your loved ones. As they can make them think otherwise.
  4. Yellow Carnations: Yellow carnations should be avoided as they reflect rejection and disdain. Other carnations can make good gifts but not yellow carnations.
  5. Cyclamen: Cyclamen symbolize separation so they should be avoided as they are sent only at the time of break up.
  6. Orange lilies: Orange lilies should never be gifted as they reflect hatred and pride.
  7. Petunia: The petunia flowers show resentment and anger so never choose them as a gifting option.
  8. Black Rose: It symbolizes death and should be avoided for gifting on any occasion.
The above flowers should be avoided and should never be considered as a gifting option. There are multiple other flowers which can be gifted as they reflect positive messages and are beautiful to look at. These are the few flowers which should never be selected as gifting options as these flowers represent contradictory feelings. There are various other flowers to choose from, which not only look beautiful but also reflect positive message and are sure to cheer up your near and dear ones. You can choose flowers of your choice from the famous flower and gift shops and get them delivered to your friends and relatives to make them feel happy and delighted. Flowers are surely the best gifting options for any occasions. They are a thoughtful and safe gift and can leave your near and dear ones touched. Flowers are also a worthy option to show your love to your beloved. A beautiful bouquet of flowers thoughtfully chosen can form one of the best gifts for your dear ones. Flowers are the best gift idea to your friends, relatives, and family as they make you feel happy and relaxed. They are an easy gifting option and can be used for various purposes. You can choose famous florists like BD gifts to send flowers to Bangladesh and Dhaka. You can send them easily and hassle-free through online delivery. There are various benefits of gifting flowers and they are the perfect and best gift ideas for your friends and family.


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