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Impress Your Crush with Fresh Flowers

Impress Your Crush with Fresh Flowers
8 January 2021

Flowers have always played an important role in being impressive and expressions of their charm and beauty. Each flower is different and special, but as people each have their favorites, it adds some importance to matching different flowers for different people. If you don’t want a bouquet for your local shop, you can consider handpicking flowers or look at potted plants like rose bushes for something unique. Many online websites will allow you to pick the kind of flowers you want or mix and match flowers and create something quirky that will be sure to impress your crush. 

Each season has certain types of flowers that are special and only bloom during that time. Wildflowers are a beautiful choice and so are snowdrops, but if these are unavailable, here are some flowers you can buy from an online flower shop in Bangladesh that will surely make your crush impressed. 

  • Chrysanthemum

This summer flower is ideal to reflect the mood of the season with striking colors and big bright petals as well as the people who reflect the best of happiness with its outer look. The Chrysanthemum is the flower of friendship and as every good relationship starts with friendship, it creates a lasting and good first impression with the one you like. If you want to send flowers to Dhaka, you can either get them from your local store or directly get them delivered online.

  • Blue Iris 

Blue Iris is a symbol of faith and hope, when you send this bouquet to your crush, it symbolizes that he/she is one you trust and understand. Blue is a magical color and the ideal flower to send to someone you want to express deeper sentiments too. Find out if blue is their favorite color, and if it is, it just makes this idea all the more special. You can send these to your crush through an online flower shop in Bangladesh. 

  • Orchids 

Orchids are the rarest and most beautiful flowers in the world. It is the best way to express your feeling for someone you love and convey to them how special and precious they are in your life. Orchids differ in color and each flower is more beautiful than the next. If you want fresh beautiful orchids to explain and weave your love story, it’s best to send flowers to Dhaka for them.

  • Red Roses

Everyone knows what a rose symbolizes, it’s been used everywhere from books to movies and gives to people to reflect the amount of love the other has for them. Roses come in a range of colors and red roses are for spending time and sending them the purest of love. Be specific about which shade of rose you are sending to them and decide accordingly.

  • Lilies 

Light violet or purple lilies are an expression of sweet teenage love to send your loved ones and beloved crush. For a more ‘grown-up’ kind of love, you can choose the magenta shade of lilies as it will express a stronger sense of love. It is a beautiful gift to send your first love and express to them how you feel. 

The Takeaway

If you feel you know your crush well and want to add a personal touch, think of adding a card or some special trinkets to the bouquet. If she wears a lot of pearls you can add a bracelet of pearls to the bouquet, or if he loves cake, why not add a small cupcake along with the bouquet. This will tell them that you not only remember what they like, but you’re doing it in an extra special way. Whatever you decide, head online now and ensure that you start planning your bouquet early to impress them. 


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