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Professional Secrets To Keeping Flowers Fresh Longer

Professional Secrets To Keeping Flowers Fresh Longer
16 June 2020

Is it your loved one’s special day and you are miles away from them? Want to make their day special but you do not know how to? With the advancement in technology, there are many companies who now allow you to access their online portal and choose from an assortment of flowers to deliver to your special ones on their special day. Many large flower retailers are now shipping to multiple countries and have extended their branches to help you avail their online services even if there is a border between you and your loved ones.
Many people now avail the services of some of the most reputed online flower retailers to send flowers to Bangladesh. They luckily also have an online flower shop in Bangladesh, and they assure the customers that if one follows a few tips, then the flowers could be kept fresh for a longer time.
If you want me to let you on in secret, read on!

  • Prune The Stems Again – Most flowers if not all, wither in a day. While the flowers are out for delivery, the lack of water will cause air to be sucked into the stems, which in turn would lead to obstruction inadequate water absorption. To prevent this from taking place, once you get the flowers to your place, prune at least one-half inch of the stems. After you are done with this process, promptly submerge your flowers in the water and don’t subject them to any unnecessary movements. Doing this would further prevent the formation of more air bubbles inside the stem.
  • Water Temperature – Water is the arch-nemesis of a flower. If it is not the right temperature, it can be the reason behind the demise of the flower. The best temperature to keep the water is at room temperature. It is also recommended to change the water every 3 to 4 days and clean the vase to get rid of the bacteria.
  • Provide Nutrition – Did you know that there are some mixtures that you could feed your flower to keep it fresh for longer? Well, apparently, there are some ingredients which help to reduce the withering process. Like sugar helps in providing proper nourishment, acid helps maintain the PH levels and products like bleach, spirits, and citric acid are antibacterial.

So if you want to avail online flower delivery services, all you have to do is type, for example flower delivery in Bangladesh and bring a smile on your loved ones face.


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