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Send gift to Bangladesh during lock down

Send gift to Bangladesh during lock down
17 April 2021

In this pandemic situation, people are very frustrated about their existence, their family and so many things. In this situation, many people are far away from their families and closed ones. They could not be able to take care of their family. Besides many festivals are rounding around us which is also significant in our life such as Ramadan, the month of fasting & blessing and also the upcoming festival which is the Eid-ul-fitre. Both are the most important occasions in the history of Muslims of the world. To celebrate this occasion with a little bit of happiness and peace we are continuing our work of gift service and also delivery to our users in this current situation.
In this time who are not able to take care of their family and closed ones for living far away, they could show their affection, love by sending gifts for their closed ones. You can send iftar on this Ramadan and you can send gifts for Eid-ul-fitre. Your gift can be a way to feel them of your existence and also it can express your feelings that how much you love them. By sending them your affection of love through the gift which will also reduce the distance and give them a mental peace that you are with them. Mental peace is the most important thing in this current situation. So we are open to our users, and we are ready to provide our service to you. No worries, just click on our website & send gifts to Bangladesh during this lockdown.
Another thing is that you must be thinking about the safety during the delivery process that how we will maintain this? For us, your safety would be our first priority. Our Delivery team is so hardworking and experienced. They are wearing all the protective equipment such as masks, hand gloves, surgical caps and sanitize their hand frequently. We will not let you be disappointed by our service. So you don’t need to think about safety, it will be our headache. You can also send covid protective equipment to Bangladesh to your family & friends. We will deliver your order at right time. As always all your choice is ready in our website. Any kind of gift you can order. Feel free to place your order and reduce your distance by send your gift to your family and celebrate this occasion with full safety.



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