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Send Iftar to Dhaka

Send Iftar to Dhaka
8 April 2022

Ramadan is the holy month as well as the most important month in the history of Islam. In this month holy Quran was first revealed on the earth to Prophet Muhammad. Thus we can learn the significance of the holy Quran in our life. This is the month of fasting which gives us an opportunity to practice self-control and also it helps by getting rid of all the bad habits. It is the month of blessing and peace, through this month we can develop our feeling of kind ship with other Muslim. This is the month that can purify our souls, and keep us far from all sins because in this month the gates of heaven are open which such a blessing is for all of us.

Islam is a peaceful direction to lead our life in a great way, Ramadan is one of the most important part of it which make realize ourselves about our mistakes, about the actual meaning of life that will appear after dead. This is not life that we lead, this life is just for meantime. Our forever life will come after our dead which is certain. So for our hereafter life Ramadan plays a significant role, through this month we can do more and more prayer to the almighty Allah in order to forgive us and give us Jannah in our hereafter life. For this Ramadan is the best time to make our prayer because the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan is better than 1000 months of  worship.

In this month we are wanted to be with our family and also we should make unity with the people who are helpless. Ramadan reminds us the value of the people who are impotent in this society.We should step forward to them for sake of getting rewarded in our hereafter life. is the place where you can make your dream fulfil inspite of living far. You can provide iftar and other necessary things to your family or the people whom you wanted to help through us. is one of the most reliable online market place in Bangladesh. You can make the unity through the people inspite of  being anywhere  in the world which is only possible by us. So send iftar to Bangladesh from USA, send special ifter combo from Canada to Bangladesh,Send ifter to Dhaka, by visit our website. Our delivery service only will be in anywhere in Bangladesh but you can order from anywhere in the world.There are many items for iftar such as Khajur, Shahi jalebi, chola bhuna, muri, halim, chana boot, vegetable pakora, rooh afza, fruits or anything you like to order is avaiable. We can give you all kinds of service in Ramadan. We will place your order before ifter and we will guranteed you that food will be fresh and delicious that will make your ifter more wonderful so that it will force you to forget your tiredness of all the day. Keep faith, visit our website and place your order, we will promised to fullfil it in proper way. Ramadan Mubarak.



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