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Send Iftar To Bangladesh

Send Iftar To Bangladesh
9 March 2023

Ramadan is the holy month of the year. For all Muslim’s, the most important month of calendar is Ramadan. This is the month of fasting. On this holy Ramadan the Muslims keeps fast. Ramadan is the month of reflecting for our bad deeds, and to create our life in the light of Islam.  We all Muslim’s wait for Ramadan desperately. In this month of Ramadan the holy Quran was revealed.  This month gives us a chance to come back from the bad direction we toke in the past days to the peaceful life directed through Islam. We all should spend our life in the light of Quran, to satisfy Allah for Jannah in our afterlife. In Ramadan fasting keeps us away from bad habits, it helps us to re-strain from bad habit and makes us patience for everything, being impatience can harm us badly and also Allah doesn’t likes those people who are impatience.  

This year Ramadan starts on 23rd March, but the exact date of Ramadan is confirmed by the sight of full moon. A day of Ramadan fasting normally starts after eating light meal at ‘suhoor’ and then we break our fast by doing ‘iftar’ when the sun goes down.

In Ramadan often people shops grocery for the rest of the month at once, some people also buys for poor people who are unable to afford food. Ramadan is all about being kind to each other; doing prayer and keeping fast to satisfy Allah, looking after each other and spend a good time with family.

Ramadan comes once a year, the past year you might have been with your family and being able to help the person who needs it, this year you are far away from home? You are unable to reach your family and spend this holy month with your loved ones? Don’t be worried and upset about it, is here to support you. You can send the Ramadan grocery shopping through us to your family; also you can send iftar for your family, like you can send Khejur, chola bhuna, samosa, biriyani, fries, rooh afza or many other items as iftar. You can order on our website from anywhere you are to your loved ones who lives in Bangladesh. So you can send iftar to Bangladesh from USA, or you can send iftar in Bangladesh from Canada. As long as it’s in Bangladesh we will deliver your ordered items at the doorstep of your family and friends. will assure you that the order will be delivered on time. Whenever you feel like left out and want to let them know that you miss your loved ones, you can send your love by gifts through


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