(01) Ramadan grocery package 1


This is Ramadan grocery package and here is 1. Deshi chola (2kg) 2. Chotpotir boot (2kg) 3. Onion (5kg) 4. Rupchanda oil (5liter) 5. Fresh sugar (5kg) 6. ACI pure salt (2kg) 7. Potato (2kg) 8. Besan (2kg) 9. Chira (1kg) 10. Muri (2kg) 11. Lassa semai (2 packed) 12. Suji (1kg) 13. Khejur (1kg) 14. Eggplant (1kg) 15. Lemon (1 dozen) 16. Green chili (250gm) 17. Halim mix(2 pack) 18. Mutton (2kg)


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