1 dozen red roses to Bangladesh


1 dozen red roses in bouquet

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Flower Care Instruction:

When you get flowers in your hand, just trim or cut the stems and add water. Re-cut 1-2” of the stems .Need to use a clean vase and clean water for keeping it. You have to remove the leaves below the water line but shouldn't remove all leaves along the stem length. Water level should be checked in daily basis and replenish if needed as well as keep away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Flowers size may vary season to season & will be delivered in bud/Semi bloom/fully bloom condition as per local availability at the time of delivery.

Enjoy your flowers!

Romantic person knows who loves them and why. Because they have lots of love and feelings for them. Feelings and love is very special things in our life. Nobody can lives without love and romance. So if you love someone and you want to tell him or her how many you loves them well then this red roses in bouquet its helps you how to express your love. Show how much you love your sweetheart with this piece of bouquet of red roses. Red roses meaning lots of things and words. Your special person of love would definitely glare up with this bright gift. Surprise with this and your dear person will sure accept your propose. Perhaps there is no other flower that has been loved by any people so much or has been as popular as the red rose. Surprise your loved ones in Bangladesh with an amazing bouquet of red roses arranged exclusively. It’s the best gift to lives together for long life. It’s make stronger bonding between you and your dear one. This romantic gift will surely reveal your heart-felt thoughts and emotions to your dear ones. Your sweetheart feel more glade for you. The red rose is the first flower to pop into most minds. And this bouquet of red roses always stay in your dear mind like a sticker. This bouquet of red roses is definite to win million hearts. Just make memorable and romantic day which is never forget this day with you dearest by this gift. Present this wonderful bouquet of red roses to your beloved in Bangladesh. It’s make special day them ordinary day. Delight your loved one with this enthralling collection of red roses in bouquet. Share your special feelings as you send this collection to Bangladesh to your loved ones. Life is boring without love and romance. Red roses are the epitome of love, emotions and beauty that express your feelings when you fall short of words. By this bouquet you can say easily I Love You to your someone special in your life. Gift this bouquet of red roses today to the special people of your life and delight them to the core of their hearts. To express every bit of your heart in front of someone special you love so much is a big task. Well there is a way to express your love by this bouquet. So send this gift and have more love and more feelings from your dear ones.




No recommended products at the moment.