(13) 2 Dozen Red Roses in bouquet


2 dozen red roses in a bouquet.


Flower Care Instruction:

When you get flowers in your hand, just trim or cut the stems and add water. Re-cut 1-2” of the stems .Need to use a clean vase and clean water for keeping it. You have to remove the leaves below the water line but shouldn't remove all leaves along the stem length. Water level should be checked in daily basis and replenish if needed as well as keep away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Flowers size may vary season to season & will be delivered in bud/Semi bloom/fully bloom condition as per local availability at the time of delivery.

Enjoy your flowers!

If you are looking for a unique gift. This red colored roses for the most adorable person in your life then you should buy this beautiful gift for your dear ones in Bangladesh. Its a special token of love to choose.

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