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(C8) California Cake


Cake with ice cream

Send this package to your beloved in a different way. Here are half kg red velvet cake from Mr.baker and 1 liter polar vanilla ice cream. Just see the smile face of your beloved by this package.


Any birthday function is not complete without a cake. Whether is it age of sweet sixteenth or sixtieth, a delicious cake makes any day sweet. A festival is a day that reminds you the value of your sweet relation. Not only to stay alive, but also to make relationships meaningful, any festival is important. We believe that any special occasion like birthday, anniversary the cake should be just as special. But how can you send a delicious cake for your special person who stay in Bangladesh? Well, all you have to do is look at our California Cake category to find the most delicious birthday cake and order online California Cake for sending to Bangladesh. We at BDGift team delivery california cakes in Dhaka city as per your instruction. California Cake is a famous organization of Bangladesh. California produce high quality and fascinating design cake. As a result, California occupy top positions in bakery. California has many flavors cake of your choice like California americanchocolatecake,California black forestcake, California chocolatefudgedelightcake, California classicchocolatecake, California germanblack forestcake, California meltedchocolatecake, California mochacake, California redvelvetcake, California swisschocolatecake, California twin cake, California whiteforestcake etc and California also has many delicious cakes and pastry collections.From you can get the best gift for your loved one.It is not simple to fix which cake to send on the special event such as upcoming birthday or anniversary or Christmas, valentine's day and mother's day. For more reasons, here are many cake ideas help decided you on what gift to you send. You can send california cake to Dhaka for your special one in special occasion. Send california cake to your loved ones and wishes their birthday a little bit even more special .Just because you cannot participate in your special ones special moment, it does not mean that you cannot show them how much they important to you. You can send California cake to Bangladesh for your loved ones from anywhere in the world. You can send others gifts to your loved ones more interesting with California cake like flowers, chocolate, biryani, teddy bear, toy, candle, balloon etc and many more. If you send California cakes to Bangladesh is to influence the recipient which is to convey your feeling of love, care, thanks or sympathy.


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I am glad to say that I was impressed with the professionalism and the great customer service that BDGift showed in taking care of delivering my order. The quality of the product received was also amazing.I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future, Inshallah.


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