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5 September 2019 - 10 Amazing Gift ideas for Your Long Distance Loved Ones

10 Amazing Gift ideas for Your Long Distance Loved Ones

Love is the best feeling in the world and the hardest thing to find in the world. Not everyone on this planet is lucky enough to receive the kind of love which they want, but if you get the one then it is your responsibility to keep it with you carefully. If your loved ones are living next to your door then it is kind of easy for you to maintain it but if they are living far away from your place or even lives in the other country or state, then it is hard to maintain it as a long-distance relationship is very challenging.

There is a very famous quote by Helen Keller, that the world’s most beautiful thing can never be touched or seen, it must be felt by the heart. This the legitimate thing you can ever hear in your life. If you want to know how much the person means to you them maintain a distance from them and it will make you understand how bad the absence of that person feels. To maintain a strong bond distance is must, but in the meanwhile don’t forget to remind them that how much you love and miss them by sending some amazing gifts. Distance and place can never matter in love if you are continuously reminding them, how much you love them by sending the special thing, and, when it comes to the gift you can find the best gift options in Canada, Australia and also in Bangladesh. If you are living in Canada and your loved one stays in some other place suppose Bangladesh then you can send gift to Bangladesh from Canada, if you live in Australia then you can  send gift to Bangladesh from Australia, and there are so many options available to send gift to Bangladesh from USA , if you already live in Bangladesh.

If you are finding it hard to select some good gifts for your loved ones then, look at some amazing gift ideas below:

1. It is always good to be in-sync

You can gift them activity tracker, heartbeat ring, countdown clock, coordinates bracelets or a dual-zone watch. These are some items that always helps you to be in sync with your partner.

2. Be practical

If your loved ones are the kind of person who loves practical things then you must go for the calendar planner, portable charger, good luggage or a lap desk.

3. Always be in touch.

It is important to be in touch even after having a long-distance relationship. You can do it by gifting stack of letters, tickets to your place, customized phone covers or gourmet fruit box.

4. Be silly in love

You can send them love-coupons, boyfriend-girlfriend pillows, selfie sticks, or some pick-up lines for your loved ones. It always works to be a little silly in love.

5. Remind them of your favorite memories

Reminding that you are missing them is always a good idea. You can send them a photo book of your favorite photos, engraved promise ring to remind; you are waiting for them, joint journals, a warm blanket, care package, photo magnet or mixtape of dedicated songs.

So, these are some amazing gift ideas, which you can use to make your long-distance relationship stronger.

9 August 2019 - Helpful Tips for Sending Get Well Flowers to a Patient

Helpful Tips for Sending Get Well Flowers to a Patient

Gifting flowers to a patient is absolutely refreshing and helps the ill person to rejuvenate and overcome his ailment. A vibrant and colorful bouquet of flower in the hospital room or at home changes the overall depressing ambiance of the room.

Roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations are amazing because they look refreshing and vibrant. There are many online flower shop in Bangladesh, which facilitate smooth and hassle-free flower deliveries to hospitals and medical units. Researches show that flowers can bring immediate happiness and can cheer up the mood in no time, hence they are the best gift to people who are suffering from illness.

Nothing can benefit a speedy recovery like a pretty bouquet of get-well flowers or a vibrant and refreshing green plant. Whether special someone is ill at home or admitted in the hospital, flowers are always caring and refreshing get-well gifts that put the ill person in good mood and being in good feeling is greatly beneficial in inspiring a prompt recovery. Orange is a color that signifies delight and happiness, and triumph of effective endeavor. A bunch of pink flowers is the mark of youth and showcases love and passion. Pink flowers are linked with a happy and joyful emotions. Any online gift shop offer wide range of flower bouquets as gifts to be delivered at the hospital or at home. One needs to browse through their website, select the product and order after payment. The selected item is delivered on time, right to the patient. These shops eliminate the stress and strain of physically visiting the shop and delivering the flower to the patient. There are some useful tips, which needs to be considered during sending flowers as gifts to patients. Flowers help to recover emotional health to a large extent. Receiving flowers leads to an instant boost in a low mood. It also facilitates relaxation, regain in energy and spirit and overall well being of the mind and body. It gives a comforting and soothing feeling to the ill person and helps in quicker recovery.

One should avoid sending extremely scented flowers like lilies and freesia as get well presents, particularly to someone who is ill as opposed to wounded. In place, one can select daffodils, sunflower or mixed iris bouquets. These flowers are lively, cheery, and low on aroma, which make them great gift ideas for those who are physically not well and mentally low and depressed.

While one is preparing for the get-well flower delivery to someone in the hospital, it is vital to have a definite specification before one can place the order. One should have information like name, phone number, full address, room no, department of the hospital and patient’s full name handy. Before placing the order online, one should also check the gift delivery timings of the particular hospital and their gift policies. There are many hospitals who do not allow flowers in the critical or intensive care unit or do not allow flowers at all.

18 July 2019 - Send Eid ul Adha Gift to Bangladesh

One of the most sacred celebrations of Muslims is Eid-ul-Adha are celebrated on the 10th day of Jill Hajj month with proper religious sentiments. This is likely to be shown on August 12, 2019. This Eid-ul-Adha is a festival which means sacrifice to Allah's satisfaction. On this day, everybody sacrificed animals and shared happiness with each other. But if you are far away from your family, then you cannot enjoy this festival. You do not have to worry about this now because will bring you closer to your family. Gifts are an integral part of each tradition, culture and festival, and they make your love very physically and feel your presence while not physically presenting. If you want to express your love secretly on this Eid ul Adha or surprise your family, a gift will answer your entire question. When it comes to Eid ul-adha gifts, the widest range of gift collection to make your goals successful is equipped to express your deepest feelings. You can send cow or goat for your family from the far away for the occasion of Eid ul-adha. Hence, you will have to help your loved ones to send Eid gift to Bangladesh to surprise with your lovely gesture, how different or extra. Are you looking to connect on this Eid ul Adha with them you love but they are far away from you? Online gift delivery is a medium of connect with your special person so send Eid gifts to Bangladesh by We connect you with your near and dear ones in this Eid to provide gifts to Bangladesh in all over the country. Therefore send any gift to your loved ones by on this day like cakes, chocolate, fruits basket, flower, and many more gifts.
We are culturally and traditionally a diverse nation. Celebrations like Eid ul Adha bring us together. Send Eid al-Adha gift to Bangladesh to your family and wish them to Happy Eid Mubarak. Explore our exclusive collections to learn more about our Eid ul adha Gift collection.  Make your family, friends, sister, brother or any one  happy with Eid. Select a gift from our wide range of gift gallery and send Eid gift to Dhaka to make them happy. Make your loves one happy with the Eid Mubarak mug or include yourself in their good books with Eid greeting cards.
We are proud of the largest gift distribution network and are ensure to delivery Eid Ul Adha gifts to Dhaka. On the same day or midnight of distributing eid ul adha gifts to Bangladesh, you can be ensuring that you are always with your family. Now send excusive Eid gifts to Bangladesh from the best Bangladeshi gift site with click of a button. with its biggest gift delivery network ensures that your gifts are delivered by following your instructions.


5 July 2019 - 7 Tips for Selecting a Perfect Gift to Someone

7 Tips for Selecting a Perfect Gift to Someone

Gift-giving, irrespective of the occasion, is often a sign of the love and gratitude we have for the people who get the gift. The gift itself can also have representation and can denote the love and bonding between the two people. Gifting someone doesn’t require an occasion, it can simply express the emotional bond.

  1. In today’s busy world; online gifting is a trend as it is easy, hassle-free and one of the best methods. One can send gift to Bangladesh from Canada or send a gift to Bangladesh from Australia without any hassles, via online portals. The first and foremost thing is to create a list of things that the person likes and has an interest in. Use brainstorming methods to understand and write down what he likes and one can decide accordingly. There is no point giving someone something that is of no interest to that particular person.

  2. Browse his life events before planning for a gift. It can be as customized as framing a childhood picture if it is his birthday. Maybe someone on the gifting list lately graduated from college, and one could frame his diploma for the exhibition. A marriage day photograph, if the occasion is the anniversary and so on.

  3. If it is a long-distance gift purpose; like someone plans to send a gift to Bangladesh from the USA, harmless stalking will surely help. If all else bombs, stalking is the best option. Most people have a wish list on online shopping portals, and they’ll be amused, surprised and charmed if one somehow gifts one from the wish list. One can browse through their social media platforms and handles to check out their preferences.

  4. Often when people give a gift, it’s somewhat that they would like to have for themselves. One can start to save the pathway of which friends, folks or family member gives one what gift. Also, if they remark on another gift that you get, keep a note. One can buy these items when the vacations come around and give them to enlighten and delight the heart and the soul.

  5. For those innovative and creative people, one can make the friend a gift, or team up with someone who is imaginative to create the gift. It can display everything one loves about bonding and friendship. One could also make some stuff that has a hands-on use like a key holder, wall hanging, vase, photo frame or jewelry box and gift the same with love and charm.

  6. Has the person passed a havoc milestone newly? Maybe they’ve passed out from college or got an appreciation. Perhaps there is a great reminiscence of the two people that can make both the persons smile whenever one thinks of it. One can place to have their diploma or award nicely framed or a thank you gift to express the token of appreciation for something he has done.

  7. Lastly, the wrapping paper can be customized. Instead of wrapping the gift in a commonly used wrapping paper, one can create a nice paper with quotations and memories.

4 July 2019 - Send friendship day gift to Bangladesh

Send friendship day gift to Bangladesh

Friendship day is going to be delighted on 4th August, 2019 and surely you want to buy amazing friendship day gifts for your friends. Different type’s shades of friendship are celebrated on this special day. Friendship Day gifts speak of love and honor among best friends who is close to each other. To celebrate this special day, has come up with a wide range of gifts collection on the day of friendship to express affection and love to your friends. Friendship day is the day that you get the opportunity to express how much you feel.

When this special friendship day is around you then you have to find the perfect way to get your friends feel special. These friends were reasons for those delightful days but when you send chocolate and any other gift on friendship day, it is the return to the enjoyment of past times. Nowadays, the distance between our friends is causing different reasons. We traveled far away to our hometown, to establish our careers. But the friend is forever. So, when you send gift on friendship day for your friend online from away from anywhere, he does not expect it and he/she will be surprised. Although you order from abroad, provides friendship day gift delivery in Bangladesh. We at accept your order and deliver friendship day gifts to Dhaka city and other metropolitan in Bangladesh. We are more widespread in the whole country. cover all over the country due to their hard-working network to ensure that the Friendship day gifts delivery in Bangladesh is accomplished when you place an order from anywhere in the world. The process of sending a friendship day gift is very simple. International border do not matter anymore as BDGift accepts order from anywhere in the world & do online friendship day gift delivery in Bangladesh . In addition to international gifts, send friendship day cake to Bangladesh to your friend as  gifts are also quite easy to send. offers thousands of opportunities for regional gifts, numerous gift combos . Using internet connections, you are ready to send friendship day gifts to Dhaka and other cities and choose from several options for gift. Friendship day gifts is always best option to make your friend happy. The best way to send greetings card to your dear friends when they greeted with surprise on a friendship day. With online delivery, now you can send friendship day gift to Bangladesh by the most trusted online gift shop, This is the day of the year, to tell your buddy how much they mean to you. So you can send any kind of gift to your friend on this Friendship day like cake, chocolate, flower, teddy bear, vase etc. Friendship Day gifts delivery in Bangladesh is possible through


6 June 2019 - 5 Secrets Tips For Extending the Life of Flowers.

5 Secrets Tips For Extending the Life of Flowers.

Nothing can uplift your mood as much as a beautiful flower can do. It refreshes your mood. The smell of flowers makes an instant move and does some kind of magic over the mind. It gives so much relief to the eyes to stop and stare at a beautiful pink or red or yellow flower. It is the gift of nature which human should always protect and cherish. Nothing can be as beautiful as a flower.

Flowers are available in abundance and if you want beautiful flowers you can either go for an online flower shop or you can also opt for an online gift shop.

Do you also hate seeing your flowers getting dried? If you also feel bad and want your flowers to have a little more life, then here are some secrets to it:

  • You can check whether a rose is good or not. If the rose is fleshy and soft then it’s old, avoid buying it and if it’s solid and resistant then it’s fresh, go for it. Whenever you go for buying roses, clutch the rose softly at the point where petals meet the top of the stem.

  • To assist your flowers, receive a fast and constant supply of nutrients and water clip it a bit from the stems every day. But make sure you use a sharp knife to get it clipped, using scissors can affect the stems of the flowers.

  • You need not to always keep your flowers in the packed fridge to protect them, you just need to move them to a cooler place every night. And try to keep them away from the hot spots in the house.

  • Always utilize a clean vase which is washed in hot water with soap and is rinsed well. It helps to remove microorganisms.

  • To keep them fresh and intact, wrap the bottom of their stems in moist paper towels, this will provide the moisture and keep them fresh and alive because moisture is very important to keep the flowers alive.

You can keep your flowers fresh for a long time if you follow these simple little steps. A precious and beautiful gift of nature needs care and love. So, make sure to shower your entire love and care upon them.

If you are living abroad but want to send some amazing flowers to your loved ones in Bangladesh, you would be glad to know that there are now several online flower shops that allow you to select the freshest flowers and deliver them to any address in the country as per time and place specified by you. If you want to send a gift along with then go for an online gift shop.

8 May 2019 - 5 Amazing Surprise Birthday Ideas for Your Partner

5 Amazing Surprise Birthday Ideas for Your Partner

When you marry your partner and commit your life, there is a lot of things which comes with the bond. The commitment brings closer to one another and faces life in the best manner possible, they promise to grow old with each other and be a pillar when in need. Send gift to Bangladesh from Canada without physically exhausting as one just need to the item/s from the online store, add the address where you want it to be delivered and the rest will be taken care by the service provider. There are times when your partner’s birthday is near and have to no clue what to gift so here are 5 amazing surprise birthday ideas for your partner:

1. Photograph frames.
You can collect photographs from infancy to the current life and fix them in multi-shaped frames which will look absolutely amazing. There are a few things that you might be interested to know that such taking multiple copies of the images that you might be under suspicion which can actually ruin the surprise.

2. Ghosting.
This turn can out amazing if things are planned way back and if the execution falls in place as it should be. The schedules and habits of your partner should be known from A-Z so that you understand what your mate likes and dislikes. You can include people to help you out and they can make things easier.

3. Get together.
You can send gift to Bangladesh from Australia and invite a friend of yours bud, bringing these people together can change the whole decorum. Send tiny gifts and give the invitees a great reason to be around which can let your partner forget all the troubles and burdens she/he might be carrying.

4. Forget the birthday - Pretend.
This can be harsh and the setup should be supportive enough so that if things go wrong then the mate should not feel hurt and betrayed. The relationship should be very strong, this can actually turn out phenomenal for the two if they have understandable characteristics and mutual respect.

5. Breakfast in bed.
Who doesn’t love to stay on bed and eat the best meal without making any effort? Generally, people do love this concept and it is very popular, there are couples who surprise one another by doing the same which helps them dig deep their emotions out. Be realistic and try to create a mess in order to impress your love.

5 April 2019 - 7 Tips to Increase Your Online Gift Business

7 Tips to Increase Your Online Gift Business

"Adopting simple strategies in the right way can help you grow your online business.”


The boom in information technology has resulted in the digital era where everything is on the web. With this, there is an enormous increase in the e-commerce business. Most of the stores have their websites and are available on online shopping portals. Customers can now purchase products sitting at their place through online shopping. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular. Now you can purchase gifts for your near and dear ones sitting at your place. This has made gifting very easy. Online gift delivery services in Bangladesh have made it very easy for customers to buy and send gifts to their near and dear ones who are even staying far. Online stores are cropping up and all online stores want to increase their business, but most of them spend maximum money on customer acquisition, it is also important to increase the profit in various ways. You can improve your online sales in simple ways and it is not necessary to spend much money.
These 7 simple tips will help to increase your online gift business:
1 Email receipts
The email receipts can help to improve the online business as they serve not only as a record but as a value proposition. You should create engaging e-mails that include product recommendations, discount codes and customer’s feedback. This will help you in further sales and attract more and more customers to your business.
2. Wishlist emails
You should emails with a wishlist for buying later. Online buyers add products to the wishlist to purchase later. You can write details about discounts and sales in the mail to inform customers when is the right time for them to do online purchase for availing discount.
3. Promote Special deals and offers
Make special deals stand out and highlight the promotional offers for drawing customer’s interest and attract them towards your product. You can use popups to promote your offers, this will be eye-catching and make it easy for your customers. Information Bar on the top of your page can be used to promote and highlight special deals. You can also use the sidebar for special offers. Online promotions should be done intelligently to promote business and achieve success.
4. Continuous Communication
Online Business can be remarkably increased by continuous communication with the outside public. You should increase your online presence and keep in touch with your customers through internet strategies like online advertising and social media publicity. By keeping in touch with the public, you can grab their interest and keep them aware of your products and offers.
5. Product videos are significant
Product videos play an important role in capturing customer interest. The customer gets a deeper understanding of the product through the product video. So, try to create product videos to improve customer conversion. It’s not necessary to create a product video for each and every product but at least for the top selling products to increase the revenue of your business.
6. Increase in Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is sure to increase your online sale. It’s important to market the products on the digital platform to be available to multiple customers across the globe. Adopt strategies to increase your digital presence for grabbing more and more customers for your product.
7. Easy Payment and Delivery Options:
Customers would love to shop from your online shop if you have easy payment and quick delivery options for the customers. This will help you to attract more customers and promote your online gift business.
These ways will surely help you to increase your online gift shop/flower shop sales in Bangladesh. There are many online flower and gift shops in Bangladesh. If you desire to make your online gift/flower shop in Bangladesh shine out and if you are looking to increase online sales of your online gift shops in Bangladesh, then you should adopt these simple strategies to promote your online gift and flower shop sales in Bangladesh and become the best in the industry, this way you will be able to acquaint and satisfy the maximum number of customers with the best quality of flowers and gifts at best prices with prompt delivery services to different cities of Bangladesh.






11 March 2019 - Send Gift for Pohela Boishakh to Bangladesh

Send Gift for Pohela Boishakh to Bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh or Bangla Noboborsho is the first day of Bengali year. 14th April is celebrated with joy because this is the 1st day of Bengali Year. In Bangladesh 14th April is national holiday. At this day we bengali people celebrate it by performing on a dance, singers perform traditional songs for welcoming the Bengali new year, also people are enjoying classical jatra .Women are wearing white & red combination sharee or salower kamiz, necklace , churi , tip & Men’s are wearing Panjabi or Fotua on this day and also usage of new things. Boishakhi gifts are available in our website for making your loved one’s day more memorable. You can send Pohela Boishakh gift to Bangladesh like beautiful flower, pitha, cake, ornaments, Boishakhi sharee, panjabi , Noboborsho greetings card, Boishakhi Mug to your loved one and make it memorable Pohela Boishakh. So, find for these wonderful Pohela boishakh gifts online in Bangladesh and surprise your loved ones.

We have huge collection like glamorous flowers, personalized gift like printed Mug, magic Mug, printed plate, printed T-shirt, key ring and other kind of gifts. There are many kind of cakes which would be lovely gift for pohela boishakh. Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, mango cheesecake, lemon cake, black forest , some of the variant cakes like cup cake , fondant cake we have in our website. Wonderful combination of the cake with chocolates & flowers is the best Pohela Boishakh gifts for sending to Bangladesh.

We have some special arrangement for this special day of Bengali New Year. We deliver special basket which includes cup cake, sondesh, seasonal fruits , pitha like fuljhuri, nokshi pitha,narikel puli, mukhpakon, small packet of muri, small packet of khoi,  small packet of batasha. We also have varieties of traditional foods for Pohela Boishakh like water rice,fried hilsa fish and lots of special bhartas .You can send bangla noboborsho gift to Bangladesh from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, United Arab emirates, Switzerland, India, Netherland, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & anywhere of the world. We have wide range of collection which make it easy for you to find unique gift for your love on this Pohela Boishakh.




5 March 2019 - Confused in selecting gift for someone? Follow these amazing tips

Confused in selecting gift for someone? Follow these amazing tips

People get excited on their birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc. And gifts are what add to their excitement and happiness. I am sure; you all want your gifts to stand apart from others’ gift. But finding the perfect gift for someone is not easy. If you too are confused in selecting the right gift and wondering how to send a gift for someone, then follow these amazing tips.


The first thing to consider is the occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding anniversary or baby shower, it is very important that you choose your gift according to the occasion. You cannot take a toy truck for a wedding anniversary. Nor can you gift a bottle of wine in the baby shower.


Next thing you need to do is to make a wish list while you have to send a gift. Again, go back to an occasion, and think about it. If it’s a baby shower, what all possible things the mother might need? Maternity pants, milk pumper, a beautiful & cute bag for baby stuff are suggested. You can also buy soft toys, toy rattle or a baby grooming kit for yet to be born.


It’s very important to set a budget. You might want to stand apart and make others happy, but before that take a look in your pocket and see how much it allows. Again, the occasion plays a role; see if it is a birthday, anniversary which comes to every year or wedding, baby shower which is less often.


It is always a good idea to take help from the Internet. It helps you in getting different ideas. Not only this, if the particular item you are searching for is not available in your nearby stores, you can buy it online. What next? Next, you can deliver it to any place you want. You can send gifts to Bangladesh anywhere, without much effort.


This is the most important one. It is always recommended that you add your personal touch to it. Everyone can give a gift, he/she bought from the market. But packing it extraordinarily, with care and attaching a personal message to it, is the best thing.

Now you have some amazing tips to the perfect gift for someone. No need to dishearten you, son or daughter, for you were busy with work to attend their birthday or graduation party. Send the perfect gift to them.


14 February 2019 - A Helpful Guide on Flowers That Should Not Be Gifted to Anyone

A Helpful Guide on Flowers That Should Not Be Gifted to Anyone

Flowers are the best gifts for any occasion. They are the most beautiful and safest option. Flowers make us feel delighted and happy. They remind us of nature’s beauty and serenity. You can choose various flowers to gift to your near and dear ones. You can use online flower delivery services to send flowers to your relatives and friends in Bangladesh and Dhaka. But there are a few flowers which you should always avoid gifting to anyone.

  1. Aconite (Monkshood)
  2. Buttercups: Buttercups symbolize childishness. So, you should never gift buttercups to your loved ones.
  3. Butterfly weed: Butterfly weed mean ‘Leave me’. You should never send them to your loved ones. As they can make them think otherwise.
  4. Yellow Carnations: Yellow carnations should be avoided as they reflect rejection and disdain. Other carnations can make good gifts but not yellow carnations.
  5. Cyclamen: Cyclamen symbolize separation so they should be avoided as they are sent only at the time of break up.
  6. Orange lilies: Orange lilies should never be gifted as they reflect hatred and pride.
  7. Petunia: The petunia flowers show resentment and anger so never choose them as a gifting option.
  8. Black Rose: It symbolizes death and should be avoided for gifting on any occasion.
The above flowers should be avoided and should never be considered as a gifting option. There are multiple other flowers which can be gifted as they reflect positive messages and are beautiful to look at. These are the few flowers which should never be selected as gifting options as these flowers represent contradictory feelings. There are various other flowers to choose from, which not only look beautiful but also reflect positive message and are sure to cheer up your near and dear ones. You can choose flowers of your choice from the famous flower and gift shops and get them delivered to your friends and relatives to make them feel happy and delighted. Flowers are surely the best gifting options for any occasions. They are a thoughtful and safe gift and can leave your near and dear ones touched. Flowers are also a worthy option to show your love to your beloved. A beautiful bouquet of flowers thoughtfully chosen can form one of the best gifts for your dear ones. Flowers are the best gift idea to your friends, relatives, and family as they make you feel happy and relaxed. They are an easy gifting option and can be used for various purposes. You can choose famous florists like BD gifts to send flowers to Bangladesh and Dhaka. You can send them easily and hassle-free through online delivery. There are various benefits of gifting flowers and they are the perfect and best gift ideas for your friends and family.

10 January 2019 - Send love across the borders with Valentine’s Gifts to Bangladesh

Send love across the borders with Valentine’s Gifts to Bangladesh

Valentine's day is the day of celebrating love in the most amazing way. Do you wanna express your feelings this special day to somebody who is staying in Bangladesh? We are here to provide you gift idea for sending valentine’s gift to Bangladesh. This wonderful day comes once in a year, so why you are not surprising to your beloved? We delivery all over in Bangladesh, so no matter where your loved one is staying. Just log on to our most demanded website and send Valentine gifts to Dhaka & anywhere of the country. Make this day most memorable for him/her to send perfect gift. In our website wide range of gift items are offered, some of the most preferred Valentine’s Day Gift items are Heart Shaped Chocolate Bouquet which is filled with mouth watery delicious Chocolates, Valentine's Cakes, love Mug, valentine’s card, bunch of beautiful flower, heart shape roses in a basket, special Valentine’s Day package. Also you can customize your gift items and present it to your loved ones on this upcoming Valentine’s Day. You may gift him/her a personalized photo Mug, printed Plate, key ring, and lots more only from and send Valentine gifts to Bangladesh at a reasonable price.

The best way to attract someone & expressed the amazing feeling of love is Valentine’s Day and nothing can be equivalent to this valentines gift. Order online Valentine’s Day gifts are just what the young generation of today needs. Valentine’s Day gifts delivery to Bangladesh with a wide selection of assorted chocolates, heart shape balloons bouquet with I Love you text, Heart shape candle, Heart shape pillow. Let the day mark fulfilled victory of your love that knows no bounds & will last for immortality.

Distance between two people isn’t meant to distance between two souls, they madly in love with each other but living in two different place of the globe. Send valentine gift to Bangladesh if the person is not near with you & you want to propose him/her by sending gift. Make your existence be felt by your lover, even if you aren’t present physically there. Your loved one would be fascinated for sure with valentine gifts delivery to Bangladesh.

After seeing the wide range of collection of Valentine gifts at our website, you would not feel the need to go anywhere else. So, don’t waste your time, just click for placing order for Valentine’s Day gifts delivery in Bangladesh. Dhaka city free shipping, same day delivery services would help you to send the order safely and timely to your lover. We know how important this day is for you and we don’t let your expectations down at any cost.

2 January 2019 - Deliver the Best Birthday Gifts to Your Loved Ones!!

Deliver the Best Birthday Gifts to Your Loved Ones!!

Many people love to celebrate their birthday in the most extravaganza way possible and receiving the gifts from loved ones make the day even better. Send gift to Bangladesh and wish them the best in every single way possible as one can’t imagine the value of emotions that the gift contains and what it means to them. To make things better, send a birthday gift to Bangladesh and surprise the people you love with warm regards and respect which will make them feel that how far or close a person is, gifts add more charm to the occasion. It is good to arrange and gather people to celebrate the occasion when it isn’t possible then send the gift to Bangladesh from the USA that might compensate.

Just because one doesn’t celebrate one’s own birthday or special days doesn’t mean that others don’t want to cherish the auspicious day by making it grand in many ways. Flowers are a great gift to be sent which can brighten the day of a person with its aroma and look as natural things create a blissful atmosphere. It is good to send a gift to Bangladesh especially flowers as there are many florists who supply and deliver amazing flowers which is a delight for the receivers. One should remember that delivering doesn’t consume a lot of time but people get lazy and tend to take feelings for granted which can be painful for the general crowd. Who doesn’t love sweet? It is advised to send a birthday gift to Bangladesh to your loved ones as individuals love sweets and at times not many presents can be eaten, right?

A person normally loves fun stuff and so send a gift to Bangladesh from the USA which can create surprising moments and bring the crazy side of the receiver. Sometimes, flowers and sweets can be boring as lots of people tend to gift repetitive things without considering what one person might want and don’t need. It is important to consider to place the foot in other’s shoe at times to acknowledge the need and expectation which is why sending crazy fun stuff can be really cool.


4 December 2018 - 10 Unique Tricks You Should Know Before Ordering Flowers Online

10 Unique Tricks You Should Know Before Ordering Flowers Online

Flowers are an excellent choice of addition to any special occasion and they are an amazing gift for one’s loved ones. Nowadays one can send flowers to Dhaka or anywhere else in the world. The online service providers assure one that they would reach out with gifts to one’s loved ones in all the corners of the world like they send flowers to Bangladesh and many countries.

Sending gifts to someone for different occasions is a way of bridging a gap between one’s relationships. While bringing joy to one’s lives, they also send flowers with beautiful arrangements which consists of vibrant, sweet smelling florals which also brings a smile on their faces.

There is a certain one way to purchase one’s arrangements when one visits a local florist, but often customers prefer to order flowers online to save their time and money. When one purchases flowers from a web-based service, there are a few helpful tips and tricks which one can follow, they are;


If this is one’s first time ordering flowers, then do not rush on the first website one sees. Check a few websites of online florists and check about their rating and customer’s reviews and testimonials. It will give one a realistic idea regarding their service and products.


If one wants to choose a top online florist, then one has to do some research to determine which website will suit or meet one’s needs. The most helpful and professional websites will have a visually appealing look and a modern design, which is not only easy to navigate but also easy to understand. There will be clear titles, search bars on each page and they will also state additional contact info for assistance. There will also be informative blogs which will provide helpful insights.


An online florist can meet one’s online ordering expectations if there is a good customer service will help one determine their needs. The passionate florists will always be there for one when they are needed. Not only does a good customer service answer one’s all questions with thoroughness but they will also make one feel valued and special.


A good florist will always keep their terms and uses of their service very easy and simple for the customers. Questions should have proper answers, like;

• Cancellation and refund policies

• The arrival of the package

A website should effectively and clearly answer the above-related questions.


One should also consider that some floral arrangements are pre-set and some are custom made as well. One should be sure of which type of arrangement that they want, as this will help in guiding one in their final decision of purchasing. To meet every requirement of customers, the best websites will offer a wide selection of floral arrangements and flowers.


If one wants to send fresh flowers to their loved ones, then it is probably best to choose seasonal flowers, as these flowers are available easily and one can get lots of choices in seasonal flowers. As the seasonal flowers are strongest in that particular season, they last longer than any other flowers. The cost of the seasonal flowers is very low as they are available in abundance.


Online service provides nowadays not only sends flowers but also gifts. They provide a broad range of gifts for all occasions. They also offer gift combos which contain flowers as well as gifts, and they are available at attractive prices.


One must check all the options of services available before ordering any flowers and gifts. If one suffers from a negative experience then being informed saves one a lot of trouble. One should also check the segment of frequently asked questions.


When making a floral purchase online, just go with one’s own gut feeling. One should be sure that they are good at delivering, prices are right. One can get to know about all the floral arrangements available at that website.


One can check and from various payment options. Some payment options provide some cash back or discounts as well. Order and stay tension-free.

3 December 2018 - Send new year gifts to Bangladesh

Send new year gifts to Bangladesh


The celebration of the New Year is quite common throughout the world and it is wished on 1st January every year. New Year programs are celebrated in every part of the world wherever the human beings have a society. We wish for the New Year for others, so they wish us, and we pray for others so that they pray for the prosperity and pleasant year ahead for us. New Year's gift has become part of the celebration of the New Year, people try to do this as much as possible for their parents, friends, family members, and special ones. The celebration of the New Year and the excitement of the New Year's touch the seventh sky when you send new year gift to your special ones. It was not so easy to send new year gifts to Bangladesh. If you can’t be with your family for New Year’s celebration then permit us to send new year gifts to Dhaka on your behalf. Choose from the wide range of New Year gifts offered by and you can choose variety of collection for New Year gifts delivery to Bangladesh. Our New Year gifts and New Year flowers collection is the best way to not only welcome the New Year but also everything that you need to complete your New Year’s ceremony.

Send new year gifts to Bangladesh from USA,UK,Australia,Singapore,UAE or anywhere of the world by choosing from our gift collection that will be happy your recipient on their place. Mark the end of another year by sending new year gifts delivery to Bangladesh from fabulous selection of fascinate gifts. Be it new year gifts delivery to Chittagong or new year gifts delivery to Sylhet, we have an layout of choices which would be a best way to remind your special ones that they are in your thoughts at this time of the year. So send new year gift to Bangladesh to increase the excitement of the New Year celebration. Every gift is wrapped and we provide a free greeting card which carries your personal message to express your wishes. is a renowned online shop that offers variety gift options to the customers at affordable prices. We have a wide range of gift collection for different types of ceremony and events. If you want to choose from online new year gift collection in Bangladesh for your family, friends or special ones then please visit our website to get the most affordable gift options for all age groups. Our gift collection includes chocolate, cake, fruits, message in a bottle, sweets, flower, candle, teddy bear, KFC, burger, biryani and many more. We are wrapping all kinds of gifts and delivering in our own finest bags. Sending new year gifts delivery to Bangladesh for your special ones is the great way to make them feel better about the happy new year. Send them a gift, these shows them that you feel them during this celebration and these are bound to be remembered by their love and feel. So feel good and optimistic by sends New Year gifts to Bangladesh.


3 November 2018 - The Complete Guide for Selecting a Gift for Someone

The Complete Guide for Selecting a Gift for Someone

It is a great gesture if a person send gift to Bangladesh from USA that will build a strong relationship between the loved ones and between the less loved pairs. It is a huge task to the perfect gift for a person as it involves emotions, money, mobility, going to a departmental store or online as one needs to browse through the products and the understand the requirements and specifications. When a person goes to an offline store, he/she needs to go through many options and not to stumble while picking the right one as many options lead to confusion which is both a blessing and a curse.

If a person wants to send gift to Dhaka, the courier service helps a person to send it easily these days without much of a chaos. Trendy items are mostly on the display that gives a clear idea to a person as what one can expect and understand the recent trends. If a person wants to get an antique item, she/he needs to check in advance whether it is available at all or not and prepare accordingly. It is very difficult to get the rare items in hand easily which is usually the case and one should remember that they can be very expensive and should expand the budget accordingly.

The easiest thing that one can send gift to Bangladesh from USA is a gift card which without much trouble one can plan of. If an individual agrees or not but sending a personal gift to loved ones can mould that relationship into a beautiful one as they carry a lot of emotions. Sending gifts can melt a heart of a person and so send gift to Dhaka where your loved ones reside. There are many gifts that a person can send such as mobile phones (and why not), gadgets, any accessories, musical instruments, may be as simple as flowers, books, and so on. It is advised to wrap gifts if one is sending them personally that adds texture and colour. Use ribbons which can even cover some minor error and damages of the box and don’t overdo it that will make it look more ugly.

25 October 2018 - Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Beloved Ones

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Beloved Ones

Birthday is a day for which every man is eagerly waiting all year round. Everyone wants to keep this special day memorable. Especially want to get close to any of his family, friends, relatives or loved ones and get gifts from them. Regardless of any person, sex or age, the wishes from you on her birthday have given her special day more specialty.  Time goes on, never comes back. But memories are always on the mind page of the mind. So you can keep your loved ones more memorable for  his/her Happy Birthday. The distance cannot be an excuse.  Today  the world is in the hands of technology. No matter where you live, the technology will bring you to your family. Different types of services have been started online, through which you can attend your family event in any place of Bangladesh. is the best and trusted site offering gift delivery services online. You can send any gift you like to your family through this site. This process is very simple. Now, buying gifts for your family and friends will not let you go from one place to another because you now get all of you in one market.  has a great collection of unique birthday gifts for your beloved sister, wife, son, mother, girlfriend, father, brother, female friend, boyfriend, male friend, daughter and husband. Send Birthday gift to Bangladesh from

You can send by which is easy to carry, low price, different flavors and shapes, which everyone will like, presentable. We delivers gifts on behalf of its customers with a lot more interesting and presentable.  You can send all kinds of birthday gift through this site like birthday cake, balloons, candles, flowers, teddy bears, kfc, pizza,biryani and enjoy countless set of items from our birthday category for your closer one to make them happy. We believe in that the gifts you choose will not only make them very happy, but also will reflect your personality and bring them closer. We make a list of gifts that allow our customers to find the perfect gift for their specialties based on their personality, occasion, age and relationship. We deliver birthday gifts in such a diverse way that your best friend can go looking for ideal birthday gifts and ideas for male / female or family members.

Choose from a wide range of creative gift ideas that will fascinate their eyes. Our unique and interesting birthday gift ideas are handpicked selectively for your loved ones and of course they will be happy. Just like you give gifts to your wife to fashion accessories, chocolates for sister and teddy bear, home decor item or sharees to mom, flowers and cake gifts to friends, greetings to relatives and corporate colleagues, Punjabi or fruit to father, pen or shirt for husband, Personalized items etc. So, here in one place, you can get the best gift ideas for everyone in your life. So express your feelings by giving amazing gifts to your loved ones from BDGift.

20 October 2018 - send valentines day gift to Bangladesh

send valentines day gift to Bangladesh

Send Valentines day gift to Bangladesh

Valentine remarks one of the best day for loving couple and it let the chance to them coming closer as well as making every way possible to show their love. There is a massive opportunity particularly for them to celebrate this day and with the simple gifts that will bring smiling face of your lovers. Take, those who staying in long distance and did not have the chance to meet them for very long and leaving alone only here ,valentine day offers you to bring back your feeling of love and cherished emotion which you have kept in your heart for your sweetheart. Send valentine’s gift to Bangladesh has been a common idea for you if your nearest and dearest people live in this beautiful land. And with the innovative idea of famous and trusted delivery site named is there at your side and remaining always as it was with you. This organization has created such facility for getting in touch with their every item that offers to their valuable customer and recipients. Let’s talk about the rose ,which actually considered as token of love and this has been brand leading items out of many options to celebrate this love making platform. Reach sweet smell to your  girlfriend and earn smile also bring happiness forever for doing these unique a dynamic team of is there to help you in every phase with their extraordinary service.

Don’t be surprised to hear, send a combo which is assorted with different items can produce a unite of gift, along with rose you can served some palatable exotic chocolate with highly delicious taste it contains which definitely bring a delight in every bite and valentine cake in the form of heart are surely deserve enhance your love by manifold. So send valentine’s gift to Dhaka as well as throughout the whole Bangladesh is only matter for you and with your soft click that make sure your order in BDGift .com which made us proud to be part of your service. Moreover, there can be found highly organized exotic pattern to decorate your products by skill hand will definitely pull your ease and comfort. In addition to that every country has its own culture and tradition for keeping those culture alive we the BDGift has adorned their item of products that boost happiness at any ones first glance. A huge sorts of rose with different colors and smell stands for as always and will remain ever to serve you. Another types of item is numerous kind of balloons is also available for according to your requirement make your valentine special and worth remembering forever our enthusiastic effort is never going to end.To sum up, many advantageous and amazing services have been brought which actually led by BDGIFT.COM from the front side consequently it has successfully erase all your hassle in terms of sending gift to Bangladesh.

Technology has come up a long way made possible to win the distance and eliminating distance,  is successfully reaching at your given doorstep safely that is the premium service of this great company, to generate a bond in every phase of love. So, stay with us always.

6 October 2018 - Birthday gifts to Bangladesh

Birthday gifts to Bangladesh

Birthday celebration is an inevitable part for everyone and it makes a positive fragrant for all. A day comes round in a year is absolutely worth enjoying to all of us is also beggar description regardless of ages. A novel feeling of mind could be reviled through wishing to your dearest one, only with the help of technology can pave the way for creating such happy event if they are in far away from you. Time goes , does not come back, but the memory will remain ever fresh in mind and every moment would spring it in their mind when they have a single glance on it.Time changes through the ages and of course the method of wishing is no longer antique. Presently technology has conquered the distance and time. With the click of a mouse you can roam around the whole world .And wining the time and distance is no longer a dream for the migrant of Bangladesh. Here can have a unique delivery service throughout the Bangladesh run by BDGIFT.COM which actually won over the heart of people here by their outstanding service that has made sending gift to Bangladesh has been a matter of time.

Send all sorts of birthday gift through this unique service like birthday cake, birthday balloons, candles, flowers and enjoy numerous set of items from the demonstrate on its display for your closer one to make them happy.Be happy and keep happy to whom you want only desire can let a chance for us to make all happy.Smiling face is always its achievement for the both senders and recipients and generating this moment is only the prime job for the BDGIFT.COM the largest gift delivery site in Bangladesh. Take, for example, without cake it is unthinkable to hold a birthday party, but you are staying far away from your home and want to wish him/her with delicious cake only then the dynamic team of BDGIFT.COM is ready next to you to serve your all purpose. The momentum keeping organization is ready for you, so not delay hold your mouse and click with it be satisfied by its amazing service consequently able to send birthday gifts to BANGLADESH. To make a meaningful event BDGIFT.COM has won the race against the time comparing others. Since the beginning of this service it has done its service successfully for the last decades so its authentic, dynamic ,co-operative and helpful for all. Variation is also another featuring, you can enjoy the different taste from different brand, that can be possible within short time according to your wish for instance. It has been adorned with desired time schedule which wished by our dearest customer because customers are given on priority as always since its start. Send birthday gifts to Dhaka whatever suits to your relatives, BDGIFT.COM is there for you with their amazing service that is accustomed to carry your precious emotions of feelings ,love ,affection, respect that usually comes out from the deep core of your hearts.


1 October 2018 - Send Surprise Anniversary Gift Online and Make Your Wife Happy!

Send Surprise Anniversary Gift Online and Make Your Wife Happy!

Whenever a special occasion is approaching, we have everything planned out and all set to surprise our close ones with something special. Sometimes it could be an anniversary, birthday or even a random moment where you want to give someone something to let them know you value them. However, sometimes we just can be near the person during their special moments because we may be in abroad or elsewhere due to some important work. However, you can send them gifts from being far away also. Especially if want to send a gift to Bangladesh, our services are all you are looking for.

Send gift to Bangladesh from the USA, send a gift to Bangladesh from Australia, send a gift to Bangladesh from Canada, send gifts from anywhere around the world. Surprise your loved ones like never. Gift your wife some roses with teddy bear and chocolates if it is your anniversary. Perhaps, you could even gift her with roses in a heart too. Or if she only likes teddy bears then gift her with some cute, cuddly teddies and dolls. When we think of gifts, we always find materials or items to buy, but we never think about food. Order her favorite cake and let it get delivered to her house in Bangladesh at sharp 12.

Don't forget to take a video of her getting astonished. If she loves a yummy 5 in one meal box, order that too from KFC. There are loads of ideas such as delicious whoppers from Burger King, barbeque chicken pizza from pizza hut to mouthwatering mutton biryani. If you have already surprised her with Teddy bears and food. Probably you could try buying her favorite accessories such as handbags and wallets. Tag them along with some cute greeting card and messages in a bottle to accentuate the occasion's specialty.

Sometimes, you needn't order all these in advance. We also have same day gift delivery. Order romantic bouquet of roses, decorative mugs, imported flowers, gift baskets or a combination of all them and watch as she gets surprised seeing the magnificent gifts. Don’t wait any longer, if a special occasion is nearby, place your order now.

31 August 2018 - Surprised your loved ones from the best online gift shop

Surprised your loved ones from the best online gift shop

Purchasing birthday presents online is better known than ever. Heading off to a shopping center or a neighborhood boutique to purchase a present is losing notoriety particularly in light of the movement and group. On the web, you will unquestionably discover one of a kind birthday presents that can regularly not be found in conventional stores. The advantages of purchasing blessings online are tremendous.

Purchasing birthday presents spares time; it is agreeable and exceptionally reasonable. You can do it from home or the workplace – you don't have to drive or stroll to do web-based shopping. It is calm and the best thing is that you can purchase things from everywhere throughout the world. With customary shopping you can't do that;

Web-based shopping is exceptionally advantageous since it doesn't require driving, stopping and there are no congested driving conditions to stall out in. Online stores are open all day, every day and you can even discover exceptionally shabby items and get enormous rebates. The internet shopping is ideal for discovering best shows for each age. From toys, scents, bundles, birthday present hampers to substantially more significant and costly presents for each event.

Visit a few sites to think about costs and, for instance, on the off chance that you wish to purchase birthday hampers, you can check the quality and the items that are incorporated.

When shopping on the web, you ought to think about some vital things. For instance, for safe shopping on the web, dependably keep the affirmation receipt, on the off chance that any issues happen and never utilize open PC when purchasing.

At online blessings entrances like an online gift shop in Bangladesh, there are many astounding and one of a kind assortment of online endowments to purchase. It is exceptionally hard to make sense of a place that renders incredibly extraordinary blessings though web-based gifting gateways bring to the table numerous incredibly alluring blessing alternatives to purchase and pick on the web.

Web-based gifting entryways think of numerous alluring and selective rebates and arrangements from time to time. Then again neighborhood blessing stores don't offer many rebates and offer to their clients. At merry time blessings at online blessing stores are accessible at much appealing value point to settle on a decision from. Truth be told online blessing entries concoct numerous lucrative blessing hampers at lucrative value point which are accessible at costly costs at nearby blessing shops.

One of the real advantages to purchasing endowments online will be online blessings conveyance in India. Presently there is no compelling reason to introduce a remiss blessing to somebody dear to you. Or maybe you can purchase and send blessings to India to dear ones effortlessly and solace. Truth be told by means of overall blessings conveyance one can likewise send endowments to USA, Canada, UK, Australia and places over the globe.

Disregard the customary shopping and escape from the congested driving conditions and the group. Purchasing blessings online is imperative, particularly for the individuals who love to be home with their family while shopping on the web. Appreciate the excellence and solace when shopping on the web from your home. The main thing you ought to do is discover all the required items and endowments and tap on the buy catch.

31 August 2018 - Anniversary gifts idea for couples of Bangladesh

Send Anniversary Gifts to Bangladesh

Relationships are not ruled by expensive gifts and presents but a gift whether expensive or medium is very significant to keep the heat in a relationship. For any married pair, it is actually a matter of great function if your relationship has stood the harshest weather and toughest times. Spending a long time with your married partner is a big success in itself as you both have seen the different ups and downs jointly in your marriage.

Here are some of the best anniversary gift ideas in Bangladesh for your wife or to gift your friend on their marriage anniversary as listed below:

Gift item of home decor - Couples are always interested in making for their homes in a better place. It would be a good idea to gift the couples any home decor item on the occasion of their marriage anniversary. You can easily find an eye catching cushion, table lamp, wall hanging, a flower vase or any other item from Bangladeshi online gifting store for the married couples.

Book tickets for Watching their romantic movie together- If you want to give a quality time to the marriage anniversary couples, you can buy the tickets for them to watch a romantic film together. It will definitely bring the old positive vibes in their relationship and will take the romantic involvement to a new level.

Designable photo frame- Photos help people to remind their old memories back again. In order to create the anniversary celebration really vivid and memorable, you can send a nice photo frame with a collage of pictures to the couples. It will bring the memories of their good time back together and will flare up the passion back into their married life.

Personalized gift for couples- Giving a private touch to your gift items is a arresting way to establish a positive relation with the couple. You can gift them personalized jewellery items such as pendants, lockets, bracelets, coffee mugs and other items that can easily grab the attention of your loved ones.

A leather accessory would be a great idea- Men and women do have lading that are used and worn by them on an everyday basis or on special occasions. For an anniversary couple, you can gift them accessories based on their gender type and choice. While a woman can be gifted a leather handbag, a hand purse or a mobile phone cover, you can choose a leather wallet, nice bracelet or a belt for the male partner in the relationship.

A pair of watches would do good- Watches look fashionable on the grip of both men and women similar. You can buy a men’s and women’s watches or pocket watches for the couple which could distribute as an exceptional anniversary gift for them. Order these graceful accessories from any online store in Bangladesh and buy time for the couples to honor their short time journey.

Gift a wonderful traveling bag- There are couples who like traveling and is delicately following the mission of exploring new places and people together. Some things just get better with age, like fine leather bag. And some things are simply timeless, like the style and function of a real men’s Dopp kit!

Make your own presence felt on the good occasion of marriage anniversary with your out of the box gifting idea. These extraordinary anniversary gift items will definitely cement your place in the heart of the anniversary couple and will add a lot of blare to their celebration.

15 August 2018 - Send Eid Gift to Bangladesh

Send Eid Gift to Bangladesh

Eid is such a fantastic time of the year. It is a time for us to cherish moment in time with loved ones, friends and family in Bangladesh.

Eid is the best occasion for celebration in Dhaka Bangladesh and exchange of gifts and enjoy this festival with friends and relatives. This gifts makes this occasion more sweet and memorable. What every person look forward to this time of the year is the Eid gifts. Send Eid gifts in Bangladesh from our online shopping website because it’s very easy and inexpensive. Exchanging gifts is one of the important function of Eid. These Eid gifts will always be remembered and reared for a long time. Send gift to Dhaka from the great collection of Eid gifts for him and her on our online shopping website. Sending amazing Eid gifts to your loved ones is very comfortable and convenient on our website.

We are premium gifting website so you can choose us to buy Eid gifts to Bangladesh means that you can relax and wait to see smiles on your loved one’s face. Use our same day gifts delivery to Bangladesh to present your loved ones with the best Eid gifts. Send online Eid gifts delivery in Bangladesh, will deliver the gifts within the specified time. Flowers are is a best gift for almost all the occasions. Send flowers to Bangladesh for the festival of Eid or for occasion like birthdays and anniversaries. The recipient will surely love to get eid gifts. We understand the importance of the eid festival and thus we deliver Eid gifts all over in Bangladesh at best price which is very reasonable for our valuable customer.

                                                               Send Eid Gifts to Bangladesh

You can gift the Eid Quran and CDs, the Eid Gift Basket, Eid sweets, shari & salwar kamiz dresses, shirt with baby dress and we have everything with us. People from all across the world send their warm Eid wishes to the loved ones living in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Rangpur, Barisal and Rajshahi in Bangladesh. Eid gifts are the expression of love affection, gratitude and respect.


Gifts are an integral part of Eid convivial. A wide range of gifts is available within affordable prices. If your loved ones are staying abroad our website gives you an opportunity to Send Eid gift to Bangladesh without any worries. The gifts will show your love, care and thoughtfulness the function of gifting is an indispensable part of the celebrations on Eid festival. Our delivery services are very safe with secure and prompt. All Eid gifts will be hand delivered with personal care to your loved ones and on time. Our website offers a unique and diverse collection of amazing gift hampers to Bangladesh as Eid gifts for him and her.

2 August 2018 - Sending Flowers To Your Loved Ones? Read 5 tips!

Sending Flowers To Your Loved Ones? Read 5 tips!

Due to the internet, the world is getting smaller. It has become easy to be in touch with anyone residing in any corner of the world through the world wide web. All of us wish to be present with our loved ones on special occasions but it is not possible always. The internet provides us with an opportunity to compensate for that absence by sending beautiful flowers and gifts to our loved ones. There are many online florists that can help us with this task. If you are planning to send flowers to your loved ones online, follow these 5 tips :

  1. Research well: If this your first time ordering flowers don't rush and the first website you see. Go through a few websites of online florists and check customer reviews and testimonials on the same. It will give you a realistic idea regarding their service. Choose the one that delivers fresh flowers and provides great customer service.
  2. Floral arrangement: choosing the appropriate floral arrangement is one of the important decisions to be made while sending flowers to your loved ones. Online florists have some signature floral arrangements that are available easily with them while they also provide the option of custom-made floral arrangement. You can order any floral arrangement of your choice. But in the case of the custom-made floral arrangement, it is best to place the order a few days before.
  3. Go for seasonal flowers: if you want to send fresh flowers to your loved ones then it is probably best to go for seasonal flowers. These flowers are easily available and you get lots of choices in seasonal flowers. These flowers even last longer because they are strongest in that particular season. Due to abundance, the cost of seasonal flowers is very low. You can order some seasonal flowers when you send a birthday gift to Bangladesh to your loved ones.
  4. Gifts: Online florists not only send flowers anymore. They provide a wide range of gifts for every occasion. Hence it is possible to send a birthday gift to Bangladesh to your loved ones through the website of online florists. They also offer gift combos that contain flowers as well as gifts and are available at really attractive prices.
  5. Be informed: You must go through the terms and services of flower delivery service before ordering flowers. Being informed saves you lots of trouble if you suffer from a negative experience. Do not forget to go through their frequently asked questions page. It will give you a clear idea about their delivery service.
Follow these tips and send flowers and gifts to your loved ones on their birthday. To save some money you should place the order some 6-7 days before the occasion because costs for same day delivery are more. Shop wisely and gift happiness your dear ones.

28 March 2018 - Send Pohela Boishakh gifts to Bangladesh

Send Pohela Boishakh gifts to Bangladesh

In Bangladesh 14th April is celebrated with great fun as this is the first day in the Bengali calendar. This day is celebrated as a national holiday in Bangladesh. It is celebrated by all type of people from different region come closer on the joyous occasion of the Bengali New Year. Exchanging of gifts is one of the tradition of this special day. In this day people celebrate it by performing dance, singing, acting, cultural performance and other activities. People from different religion wearing new clothes and also use new things on this day. Men ,women & children’s are wearing red and white combination dress. Pohela Boishakh gifts are available in our website for making your loved one’s day super special. Our some of the special item is ready to be ordered by you. We bring for you attractive collection of pohela boishakhi gift. You can send boishakhi shari, salwar kamiz, Panjabi, Boishakhi mug, Pohela boishakh greetings card,special combo gift, sweet, bangla khabar, special pitha , cake, flowers & many more items on this day and make it memorable Pohela Boishakh.
Celebrate the joy & happiness of Pohela Boishakh by sending gifts to your friends & relatives who are staying in Bangladesh. No matter how far you are staying, you can send pohela boishakh gifts to your special one from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, United Arab emirates, Switzerland, India, Netherland, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & any corner of the world. You can get amazing gift ideas of pohela boishakh at . With an experience of over 14 years in the gifting service, we know what type of items of pohela Boishakh are remain on the mind of the receiver. According to their taste we have decorated our website with variety of products .Let’s make your bangla noboborsho with our special arrangement from our boishakhi gifts & make him/ her cheerful. Order Boishakhi Gift, Boishakhi Cake, Boishakhi Flower , fruit basket , chocolate basket, fotua, Kurta , any customize gift for Bangla New Year to Bangladesh. Celebrate Bangla Nobo borsho with lots of boishakhi product which can make your loved one happy at a moment. We deliver pohela boishakhi gift in Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Barisal, Sylhet, Rajshahi and all other cities & villages in Bangladesh. So, have a look in our website & get wonderful gifts for surprising your loved ones in Bangladesh.

12 March 2018 - Send Unique Gifts to Bangladesh

Send Unique Gifts to Bangladesh

A unique service introduced by which helps the users to send flowers to Bangladesh as well as gifts to their loved ones in Bangladesh instantly and without any tense. The online portal founded with sole point of catering the flower and gift service in Bangladesh has gained traction over a period of time. The firm has been actively promoting the internet marketing potential to gain new users by attracting them with various options under different categories.
These categories have been sketched on the basis of the various occasions or instance on which users are prone to send their greetings to their loved ones such as best wishes or get well soon wishes and so on.
Actually, wishes for sending gift born with wings, let them fly from across the world to Bangladesh.

Currently, BDGift focus is on expanding the business by offering a wide range of choices and categories to user. The firm is also enlarging the word of the various offerings to its users through social networking sites as well. Facebook and Twitter which are either two most popular social networking tools currently have helped through BDGift in creating a social presence on the internet for the firm. The firm has been able to make phase to its user based on Facebook analysis which provides complete details of age and gender of the subscribers. Send gifts to Bangladesh feathering every new addition in any category of Bangladeshi gifts
or flower is constantly updated on the timelines of Facebook pages which also flashes on the timelines of user attached to the web page thereby keeping the users engaged onto the online portal. This helps in producing traffic in terms of interested visitors on the website. Last but not least, only staying close with us you certainly will be able to realize that we are competent to serve your purpose.

4 January 2018 - Send Valentine's Day Gifts to Bangladesh

Send Valentine's Day Gifts to Bangladesh

The air is filled with love and affection so expose this love for your partner let him/her know the truest emotion that lies deep inside you with the valentine day gifts from Send Valentine's Day Gifts to Bangladesh and delighted your dear one. Valentine’s Day is knocking the door and you might be finding for best gift which would win your loved one’s heart . Then you are staying the right stage as we have a so many varieties of gift for you to Send Valentine's Day Gifts to Bangladesh. On the Valentine’s day make your celebrations much bigger and unforgettable. offers you a special category named "Valentine’s Day” which have a variety of Valentine’s Day gifts that you can send online anywhere in Bangladesh. By sending this gift to your special one in Bangladesh you can express the depth of your love and emotions you have for your someone special.

Whether you order gifts for her or him, the category that we have is perfect for everyone. So, you can find exceptional all gift item for your love of this Bangladesh’s one of the best online gifting portals. No matter where you are living in if you are truly passionate for your partner, you should not be worried about the celebration. You can send Valentine Gifts to Bangladesh, you will find varieties of gift just in few click. We offer gifts for all occasions & festivals like Birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, New Year in Bangladesh. Our site is organized to save your time & it is easier to use, faster, multi device friendly. Most importantly our customer service experts are there for you to provide you unique gift ideas for Valentine’s Day & our delivery networks covers all over the Bangladesh even though Remote Town & Villages too.

24 November 2017 - Diversity of Gifts for Every Occasion

Diversity of Gifts for Every Occasion

Discover our wide & unique range of modernity gifts. Whenever you think about gifts, we assure that we have special category for every different occasion. Our product category are designed according to your taste & desires. Make the difference and send your loved ones a gift with a difference. is ready to cover all of your special occasions such as anniversary, birthday, weddings, mother’s day, father’s day, Eid , New year & any festival. Those are special moments in our life and won’t let you down. We have different category for every different occasion. We offer our customers gift purchasing ideas with a difference. All gifts are delivered to the customers in the form and design that they request. On the basis of customer’s taste we have products in wide variety of forms and designs& also we accept customize order as per customer requirements. We ensure that the gifts you give exceed the receiver’s expectations. A short browse on our website will provide you ideas for the best gifts because there are a big range of gifts for a man, for a woman or for kids who always looking for something new. Our variety of gifts includes cakes, flowers, teddy bears, dress, toys, grocery and personalized items & so on which will surely attract everyone’s attention.



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My experience with all the orders that I have placed has been fabulous! On time delivery, regular tracking updates, good quality products - exceeding expectations always!

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